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Friday, October 2, 2015

Parenting - What is personality?

The term 'Personality' is stemming from the Greek word 'Persona' which means mask. The true connotation is 'how human beings present themselves in a given situation' which we may call it as a 'Behaviour'. Summation of behaviour decides the personality. The English word 'Personality' - Mask is closer to 'Personality ethics' which is a pseudo self which is not the true self. To illustrate the true meaning of personality ethics the anecdote that follows shall clarify:
When we eat in a party we tend to follow certain table manners such as using different spoons for soup and food. We tend to use knife in the right hand & fork in the left and so on. We use napkin in the way everyone use it. But while we eat at home we don't follow any of those so called 'table manners'!! This way of portraying our personality is like wearing a 'Mask' and pretending to be great. This is what is meant as 'Personality ethics' which is fake.
The true 'Personality' is coming from 'Character ethics' which is authentic and intrinsic while the personality ethics is extrinsic. Hence forth whenever I use the word 'Personality' I am referring to 'Character ethics' which is moulded during childhood.
Later I intend to deal with 'Personality ethics' which Asians lag as compared to developed countries.
What decides our personality?

This is a million dollar question! There are two schools of thoughts; one is Vedic and the other is scientific and I am the believer of both. The Vedic is 'Vasana of Reincarnation' and the scientific is 'Theory of Conditioning'. I will explain both in my next post.

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