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This blog is an effort to share all the mistakes committed by me in my Life. I wish to share them with a hope that you may learn from my mistake and avoid committing them all over again!

I am blending my wisdom with that of all great Masters who have shown me the Light.

This blog is dedicated to everyone from whom I learned. Wish you peaceful life ahead.


Monday, June 29, 2015

JK's Wisdom on 'Wish' & 'Actual'

J.Krishnamurty (JK) is one of those "Gynayogi' of modern times who can be understood only by intellectuals ie those who are willing to squeeze their brain to discover wisdom. One of his pearls of wisdom is difference between "Wish & Actual". It took some time for me to appreciate what is JK trying to say through the difference of 'wish' and 'actual'. 'Wish' is the pleasure seeking instinct of common man which are ephemeral in nature. In fact wish is nothing but the 'Desire' that causes misery as Lord Buddha said. For a common man if you remove 'Desire' from him nothing will be left! 

Reflecting little more in the spiritual entities, 'Wish' is always the game of the 'Ego' the least understood word (we discussed it in my post on 'Ahankara'). Ego is nothing but our thinking  of 'I' meaning 'We are this body, mind & intellect' equipments. This feeling of 'I' creates endless desires which JK calls as 'Wish'. We always say 'I want to possess this & that'. The feeling of 'I' separates us from the 'Brahman' the divine that is residing in us as 'soul'. In fact we are that Brahman and not the limited 'I' which is the delusion Lord Krishna talked about Arjuna in Gita.

The Brahmasutra "Aham Brahmashmi' means 'I am that Brahman'. Merely chanting this does not make you to realize that. Meditating upon Brahman helps you to realize you are 'God in human form'. This is what called 'God realization'. God is not anywhere else in heaven, he is right there in your bosom and only you have to turn inwards to realize him.

What JK is saying 'as long as wish - desire (Ego) is there you can't realize the 'Actual' which is Brahman'. This means your Ego has to be banished to join with almighty. 'Heh Mudatma you are not this limited ego self but all pervading divine 'Self'. Relinquish your 'wishes' and do your karma without any attachment then you will merge with the divine essence and escape from this births & deaths. 
Jai Gurudev 
Love NC

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Formula for Peaceful Living - Banish Worry

One of the killers in modern days is 'Worry'. It consumes a significant amount of our time without even knowing about it. There are very interesting quotes about Worry:

"Worry is interest paid on trouble before it is due"
"Worry is like sitting in a rocking chair; it keeps you busy but never takes you anywhere"

Among negative emotions "Worry" has the most devastating effect on our health such as high blood pressure, tooth decay, ulcer, blockages and many more modern ailments. A common man has no idea about harboring this deadly habit and suffers by its effect. A very simple way this worry habit can be changed is illustrated in the following anecdote:

I remember a story:
 A king asked his ministers to tell him one solution for all problems of life and told them if not within a specified time they will be beheaded. The team sat and deliberated whole day & night for many days, but could not arrive at any answer. On the last day night they saw one of their youngest minister sitting happily. When they enquires him he said he knew the solution already but refused to explain but wrote in a small piece of paper and gave it to the king who in turn kept it inside his ring. The other ministers were happy that this guy saved their life.

The king forgot this event, waged a war later, defeated and chased by the enemy to kill him. He escaped to a cliff and could not go beyond. Under desperation he remembered the 'solution for all problems' and opened from his ring and it read "This too will pass away". This gave a clarity to him and he had a sense of freedom. The enemies could not find him and he escaped. Later he waged a war against them and won the war. There was a great celebration as he was a victor. While he proudly walked in red carpet his ring was twinkling. He opened it and saw 'This too will pass away'. The king got the message as the solution for all I'll is recognising 'All are transient' and will pass away; nothing can be permanent. 

Love NC

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Anxiety - The Killer

๐ŸŒนThought for the Day๐ŸŒน
๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐ŸพJune 24, 2015๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ
Most of the physical ailments of modern days are due to mental state.Anxiety is one of the killers-the sense of hurrying while speaking or doing something. Psychology classified people as Type-A & B based on their anxiety levels.If you have no nails to bite you are a confirmed 'A'.Your BP and pulse rate is always higher for super anxiety. You tend to breath rapidly and hurry people before they complete their sentence.In this syndrome you can't think rationally as your 'emotions' runs your life. What is the remedy? Beware of this first and learn to meditate to become an observer of your own self. Mere awareness and witnessing the ugliness of biting nails is a good start. Before heart attack hits you wake up and 'Slow down to move fast'
Love NC

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Relinquish 'Lower' to attain 'Higher'

We are so obsessed with mundane pleasures of life like sleeping & eating etc. and grumble that we have not achieved much like someone else. The moment we are stuck with the lower rung of pleasures at body level we have lost our quota of emotional and intellectual pleasures. I hear many people saying 'I do't have reading habit'. The moment you say this you have to accept the fact you can't envy someone who are intellectuals. To raise above the the 'Lower' pleasures you need 'Higher' ideals in life. If you need a healthy body, you have to sacrifice sleep and go for a walk in the morning. Is 'sacrifice' the right word? Of course not because to attain higher you are relinquishing the lower.

The seed's death leads to the birth of seed link whose death leads to a tree. Similarly when flower dies the fruit is born whose death again becomes a seed and the cycle starts. Only when the "Lower is relinquished higher can be attained". We are so stuck with the ephemeral pleasures of ice cream &  Jangri and full of indulgence and we think God is sitting there to sanction our needs. As long as we cannot relinquish the 'Desires' we can never attain the divine. Learn to know the desire is the biggest cause of our misery. 
Love NC

Monday, June 22, 2015

Gratitude through Awareness

Distinguish between 'Happening' & 'Doing'

One of the profound wisdom I learned from Swami Shukhbodananda is knowing the difference between 'Doing' & 'Happening'. If I ask you "Are you breathing? Are you digesting your food?". You may answer 'yes' emphatically. I will say, 'you are not' because it is a 'Happening' and not 'doing'. Please think carefully, we are not 'doing' any dam thing to any of the bodily functions. They are all 'happening'. Like wise the planetary motions are 'happening'. Our birth and death both are happening upon which we have no control; our parents are decided by someone else - it is 'happening'

If we very meticulously observe all are 'happening'. Our 'Mudatma' (Deluded ego) thinks we are 'Doing everything'. As Rajneesh once said "We recognize our head only when we have headache" till then all that are happening inside the head is not even noticed. Alas! Wake up and recognize 'We are not doing any dam thing & it's all happening'. Only when we recognize the fact that all are happening, we will identify the supernatural force that is governing all this in this universe and be thankful for its kindness.

Be thankful today you are breathing without a respirator. My Lord please give me this distinction of happening & doing. I am grateful to you. Wish you a great day. 

Love NC

Sunday, June 21, 2015

What is Yoga? - Is it a physical exercise?

We think yoga means physical postures that makes us healthy. It's real meaning is coming from Sanskrit word 'YUJ' which means ' 'joining' (with Divine) which is referred as "God realization". As we saw earlier divine is present in everything in the form of soul animating you but we think we are the Ego 'I ness'. Yoga is the means of quietening the mind and focus its attention on divine through meditation. When the mind disappears, the divine unfolds itself. This is the true blissful state of your being. 

That is why in the temple the deity is kept in dark with minimum light which symbolize ignorance as darkness hiding the divine. They light Chamfer which is symbolizing knowledge removing darkness ie ignorance. They break coconut which symbolizes your ego which is hard to crack! The whiteness of coconut symbolizes the divine which is pure. The sweet water in the coconut symbolizes the blissful state of peace you experience in the meditation. Hence don't reduce yoga as a physical exercise but combine with meditation for attaining peace.

Jai Gurudev. 
Love NC

Theism & Atheism

There are 16% of people in this planet still don't belong to any religion!! One may argue animals don't belong to any religion. Wikipedia defines religion as "religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence". The fundamental aspect of religion as per this definition is  a belief without any question. One may say religion has brought unity among human being like language did. It also divided as the belief across entire humanity is not consistent. 

All religions believe in "God" which is speculated as per the understanding of the experiences. For few people God is some one in the heaven watching all our sins and punishing - hence we call 'God fearing' people. It will always a speculation as God can never be shown in a laboratory experiment as He is beyond the scope of sensual cognition. Einstein could explain theory of relativity only by 'Thought experiment' and not a real one.When we are so indulged in life for sense gratifications, all these God principles appears as futile 'Theory'. 

When Bohr proposed Atomic structure or Galileo discovered that the earth is a globe it was a theory as they could not prove these by physical experiment to a common man. They poked his eyes since he could not understand it. Some great thinker said "If you want me to believe God, you must make me to touch Him". Alas what a stupid statement? He also could have said to Bohr to make him to touch atoms or to Galileo to show the globe? Both these great scientists would have failed to convince him. If one has to believe only after cognizing through 5 senses none of the scientific inventions are possible. 

When we declare anything as a theory it means we are declaring our ignorance. When touch screen in smart phone was not there will you say 'Make me touch then I will believe?' The moment you are challenging the future possibility you are confirming you are not a 'leader' but a 'follower'. Because a "Leader sees before others could see". Be a leader by believing what is not evident to your physical eyes. 
Love NC

Thoughts on Philosophy - Wish & Actuality

J.Krishnamurthy said:

"There are two kinds of experience, that of 'Wish' and that of 'Actuality'. But to experience the 'actual', the real, the experience of 'wish' must cease".

Very complex for a common man to understand and that is what JK is all about! JK refers our desires for sense gratification as 'Wishes" and the experience of divine through God realization as "Actual". Lord Buddha said "Desire is the root cause of all misery" which JK says in a different words. These ideas don't appeal to a common man who is immersed in pursuit of indulgence and believes 'Material prosperity alone can make him happy'. Day and night he is chasing wealth and one day disappears instantly empty handed without getting happiness even for a moment!

The wish (desire) is the game of the 'Ego' which is the most abused english word grossly misunderstood. Ego really means a sense on "I - ness" due to which we say 'I want to have a car', 'I want to be happy' and so on. The concept of ' I ' is stemming from our belief that we are nothing but the individual comprising of this physical body, subtle mind & intellect. This concept of 'I' was not there when were a toddler but came later when we grew up as an adult. This sense of identity is called the "Ego". When we say some one as a "Egoistic person" we really mean he is proud of his body or his knowledge which is limiting him to those entity. The 'Wish or desire' referred by JK and Buddha can exist only when our identification comes from the 'Body, Mind & Intellect' which will perish one day when we die.

In reality we are 'Not' this perishable equipments which has definite shelf life, but are truly the "Brahman" - the life force that resides in us and animates our being; someone may call it a 'soul' of 'Jeevatma' or any other. Name is immaterial but recognizing it is very important. The feeling of 'I' separates us from the 'Brahman' the divine that is residing in us as 'soul'. In fact we are that Brahman and not the limited 'I' which is a delusion. "Aham Brahmashmi' means 'I am that Brahman'. Merely chanting this does not make you to realize that'. Meditating upon Brahman helps you to realize you are 'God in human form. When we meet someone why we close our eyes and say 'Namaskar' is bowing in front of the divine in that person.๐Ÿพ 

The concept of God as someone sitting in heaven and taking account of all that we do and saying 'we are God fearing' etc are nonsense. Searching for Him outside while He is right within us is like loosing valuable in the house and searching for it in the street because there is light there. Recognizing God within us is called 'God realization'. God is not anywhere else in heaven, he is right there in your bosom. 

What JK is saying 'as long as wish - desire is there you can't realize the 'actual' which is Brahman'. This means your Ego has to be banished to join with almighty. 'Heh Mudatma you are not this limited ego self but all pervading divine 'Self'. Relinquish your 'wishes' and do your karma without any attachment then you will merge with the divine essence and escape from this births & deaths which is full of misery. 
Jai Gurudev 
Love NC

Friday, June 19, 2015

Personality Development - Lesson: 16

How and when to use our Mind or Intellect?

In the previous lessons we saw human beings are blessed with 5 input devices, two processors and 5 output devices. The 5 senses act as instruments to capture the information (stimuli) from the phenomenal World and pass on to the processors namely "Mind" first which responds with a feeling and decides the actions. The instructions of the processor (mind) is executed by the 5 output devices namely hands, legs, vocal chord, genitals and excretion systems. For example when some one shouts "Oops there is a snake!", we tend to run fast because the Mind receives the stimuli of sound through the ears, responds with a Fear (feeling) and instructs your feet to run! The information in this case is not at all referred to the "Intellect". If it would have been referred, we would have judged whether it is a fun or real from the way someone is trying to make fun out of us!

In this lesson we will see how the quality of the decisions will vary when we use the two processors options we have namely 'Mind' and 'Intellect'. We saw earlier the 'Mind' can only 'Feel' but the intellect can 'Think' and also we saw the qualitative difference between 'Feeling' and 'Thinking'.  

Whenever we come across any situation in life it fits into two categories - 'Pleasant' and 'unpleasant', the former makes us feel good and tells us to sustain where as the later makes us to get away immediately. The 'Mind' is the first receiver and processor of the information (stimuli) and it can only respond with 'Feelings'. Invariably with feelings we cannot judge whether our response is right or wrong! For example if you pull the tail of your pet it will bite you because it responds with its feelings from mind. 

As human beings we have another faculty called 'Intellect' with which we can evaluate 'right' and 'wrong'. Whenever we respond after referring the stimuli to the Intellect, the quality of our judgement will always be better. But if we respond from Mind we will be invariably wrong as feelings have no rationale. For example whenever we are given a negative feedback from our seniors, we sharply react and feel like putting up our papers. But when we apply our rationale using the intellect we often find an opportunity to improve our skills.

Remember if you want to grow in life you need to understand every time whether you are responding from 'M' or 'I' (Mind or Intellect). If its is from Mind, take a long breath, postpone your actions and refer the matter to your intellect. Then you may find the quality of your decision would be better.

What is SATSANG means?

'SATSANG' sounds like a little out of fashion word as it may mean different to different people of age group. It may also be concluded by few that it is 'Spirituality' in disguise which is hated by young people thinking it is meant for senior citizens.

SATSANG is a sanskrit word which means "A group of people joining together to share the truth". 'SAT' means 'truth' which are facts of nature that run the universe like gravity in physical levels. There are 'principles' which run our life as cause & effect'; like for example if you eat more than needed, you will have indigestion next day. Knowing these 'Principles' make a big difference in the texture of our life.

'SANG' means a group like minded people coming together for learning. In the medieval time people will have to come together in a common place to share their thoughts. Putting the two words together 'SAT-SANG' is a group of like minded people of same wave length sharing their thoughts for common purpose.

These days we have so many social media and smart phones which are hijacking us for 'Non Value added Activities' (NVAs). I thought why not we use it for a productive purpose? Hence 'SATSANG' has born out of this thought. It is a "Digital Satsang" in fact. The purpose of Satsang is to spread happiness & peace through messages from great thinkers. It is a secular media which does not support any specific religion or cult. Anyone can share thoughts which aligns with this larger purpose. It is available in Facebook and What's up?

Thank you for joining.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

How to make marriage work?

Making Choices

One of the point of conflict between partners often is when we make choices - be it food in the restaurant or color of garments or any other. When one of the partner forces the other on these choices it creates hatred and resentment. In variably when the wife chooses her cloths, the husband never accompanies knowing the consequences of time needs to be spared! Osho Rajneesh once said "Women wear wrist watch only as an ornament and not for seeing the time. 

When the husband wants to buy anything the wife never allows him to venture on his own. In this matter the wife thinks her husband is stupid and will either get cheated by the shop keeper or he may buy something which he will never use it. Even the husband may be a CEO of 1000 Crore company, but in the eyes of the wife he is a stupid! If you happen to see the wardrobe of your wife you will find huge collections which were never worn even once!

There is nothing called a good color or good food as it is the personal choice of the individual and arguing to convince some one to eat the food of our choice or buy the garment of our choice is stupid. In any relationship letting go of these silly matters is very important. It is important for the wife's to note that the husband never interferes in their choice of selection and to reciprocate they should leave them to chose theirs if they want. When your help is sought please extend it warmly. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Personality Development - Lesson: 15

Be Conscious of Consciousness

Before we embark on Personality Development tips we need to know some basics of our human anatomy such as:
  • What is the mechanism of our being?
  • How do they function?
  • Where is the Control room situated?
  • How to operate these controls?
In this process we have identified the following "Instruments & their functions"
  1. Body - the physical self which has the function of 'Perception' which means capturing signals through 5 senses. Also contains 5 output devises to execute the actions based on the command (Feeling or thought)
  2. Mind - the processing operating system which can only "FEEL" and respond for actions.
  3. Intellect - the rationale thinker which can "THINK" and take decision and free of emotions.
All the above can take place only when we are having "Consciousness" meaning when we are in a coma state for example, in spite of all instruments available they will not function. This implies that we need another entity in us by virtue of it we understand and interact with the external world which is referred as "Consciousness".

There are many states of 'Consciousness' in which a common man is aware of three which are:
  1. Waking state of consciousness
  2. Dream state of consciousness
  3. Deep sleep state of consciousness
Our experiences of this World happens when we are awake in which all 5 senses function. This is called 'Waking state of consciousness'.

When we sleep we get dreams which is known as 'Dreaming state of consciousness' in which all our 5 senses are cut off and if the telephone bell rings our ears will get the stimuli but the mind will not process it.

In the mid night we don't get any dreams which is called 'Dreamless state of Consciousness'. We are almost dead in this state and there is no difference between a noble man and a criminal in this state of a being! Strangely something in us is present which when we wake up connects the past with the present! If not we will become insane. For example when you wake up in the morning first thing your mind does is connect the last incidence or experience of yesterday with this moment for continuity. 

The "Trilog" referred in Veda are not physical above the sky, but metaphysical. You can be 'Only' be present in any one of the 3 state at any time. What is the earthly use of knowing it? The lessons to follow will take you to different plane of consciousness.

Please wait for some more lessons. 

Jai Gurudev.  Love NC 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Superstition - An Insight

What is Superstition?

The dictionary meaning of 'Superstition' is - "An irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear". There are innumerable number of belief which controls our life and some of them to quote:

"A widow coming in front of you while you are leaving home for an auspicious purpose, it is a bad oman!"
"A black cat crossing your way sends you a warning that something bad is going to happen!"
"If you see a dead body on the way it is a good oman"
"If you start a business on Tuesday or 13th you will be doomed!!

The dictionary meaning has few key words and one of them is "Irrational belief" which implies it is not backed up by your 'Intellect' which has the ability to connect 'cause' & 'Effect'. In this universe everything is connected with a 'Cause & Effect' and just because we are not able recognize, it does not mean they don't exist. For example apple was falling for millions of years till Isaac Newton asked "Why is it not going up?' and found gravity. Till Gallelio discovered planet earth is a globe people believed it is flat!! As one man challenged all united and poked his eyes for telling the truth. From this it appears the 'Superstitions' are 'Irrational beliefs'.  For example, in the village I grew up they used to believe the home should have one entrance in the front and one exit at the back which are perfectly aligned. If not you will have serious problems in life. When I came to Bombay I was searching for the back exit and found none!! In fact I prospered here than in my village.

The second part of the dictionary definition is "Arising out of Ignorance or fear". Human beings can be controlled either by 'Fear' or 'Ignorance'. India once upon a time had the best and un-corrupted politicians. What is happening now? Can anyone become President of America or UK? No way! Ignorance is due to lack of education. Hence 'Superstition' are created by intelligent people who wanted to control the innocent people using their ignorance or instilling fear.  

Who made us to believe these irrational stuff? It cannot be none other than our parents and religious masters who in turn were made to believe by their seniors. When and how these irrational things can be incorporated in our sub-conscious mind? It has to be done before we are 7 years old during which time the 'Intellect' starts acting asking for cause & effect. What is the process? A repeated statements progressively creates a belief. When we have no original thinking, we can be easily made to believe which psychology calls "Conditioning".

If we travel from the 'West' towards the 'East' we find there is a steady increase in 'Superstition' and I see a reason for this. The science advanced in the west as they enquired everything outside themselves such as 'What material is all about?' and 'Science' has born which tries to find the 'Cause & effects'. In the East we inquired 'Who am I?' and ended up in "Spirituality" which is the science of 'Self'. As everything in spirituality is "Abstract" and can't be subjected to a laboratory experiments, our seniors have misunderstood and speculated through 'Superstitions'.

We will see the ill effects of superstition in the future posts.

Jai Gurudev

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Thoughts to Myself - Insight vs Information

What is the difference between information, knowledge, wisdom and insight.

When I was in primary school my teacher taught me 'There are 5 continents'; later I came to know there are 6 !! My teacher gave me an information which was correct at that point in time which is 'INFORMATION' and has limited value. 

Later I learned about six sigma from Dr Mikel Harry who is my Master. This was a decade ago for my consulting profession. This is 'KNOWLEDGE' which has longer shelf life and utility than information as there are many people who have not gone to school may not even know this planet earth was a supercontinent once and absence of this knowledge in no way affects their life.

In my Middle Ages I was an angry young man waiting like a volcano to explode. My Mentor opened my eyes on this. Once I realized how my temperament was affecting my career growth, I restrained from it and started growing rapidly. This is 'WISDOM' which is a 'Learning by application'. Wisdom gave a bigger returns than knowledge and information.

When I heard Swami Chinmayananda about God principle I realized we are 'God in human form' and the true happiness is in our very nature. We are deluded by material pursuits for happiness and Indulgence is not the purpose of life but Realizing God in us is the very reason we are human. This is an 'INSIGHT' which helped me to be compassionate towards everyone and feel happy for 'No reasons'. Insight made my life. 

In Summary:

@ A 'Teacher' gives Information.
@ A 'Master' gives KNOWLEDGE
@ A 'Mentor' gives 'Wisdom'
@ A 'Guru' gives 'INSIGHTS'

Surrender to my Lord Krishna
Please redeem me from this false Maya of life.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to make marriage work?

Your Spouse needs a Psychological space

One of the reason why marriage leads to a savor taste is when the spouse try to possess and control the other. This attitude leads to suffocation because one tries to snatch the freedom of choice for food, dress, vacation and many other options. There are many personal choices with in the frame work of moral boundaries which when denied we start hating that human being, however good their intention could be. In any relationship recognizing the fact that the other person is entitled to have their opinion and choices is very important to sustain the relationship. When we try to breath through the throat of our spouse, it is said to be an 'Immature' behavior. Great thinkers have attempted to define what is maturity and I am reproducing few of them here in connection with our context:

"Maturity is when you stop trying to change people , and instead focus on changing yourself"

"Maturity is when you accept people as they are"

"Maturity is when you let go of your loved one's way"

"Maturity is when you are able to drop 'expectations' from a relationship and give for the sake of giving"
One of the famous thinkers of modern times Khalil Gibran in his book "The Prophet" said, for any relationship to sustain both the parties have to leave a 'Psychological space' for each other; what does this mean? He gives a simile of a civil structure in which the pillars are spaced in certain distances - If the distance is too short there will be no space to move around, at the same time if they are too far away the ceiling cannot stay in its position!   Another simile is ' while a man and a woman dance they cannot hold each other tight nor stay too far away! The dance is graceful only when they provide sufficient freedom for each other to move.This means in every relationship we need a reasonable space for stability.

When we recognize the need for the life partner to feel good about themselves through 'Freedom of Choice' the relationship starts blossoming. When we come from the paradigm 'What I like should be the choice of the universe', then the trouble start. After all there is nothing called a best color or best food and best of anything and it is foolishness to believe what we like is the best one.

To end with a quote from Mark Twain:

"If my wife is away I feel lonely; but when she is with me I feel suffocated"

Live and let live your spouse for a mutually enjoyable married life.

Jai Gurudev

Personality Development - Lesson: 14

Is Awareness the Virtue or Liability?

We saw what is awareness in the previous post and now we will see how this can act as an 'Asset' or 'Liability' depending upon how we use it. This faculty has been bestowed only for human beings among all creations the reason of which only the creator may know. Awareness is the faculty by which we make choices in our life which decides our destiny. The animals function only based on their 'Instincts' like the computer functions as per the operating system. For example a Carnivores animal can eat only meat or if not available  may even starve to death but won't eat grass. But human beings can make choices to be a 'Vegan' or otherwise. These choice making ability is the result of this faculty called 'Awareness'.

Having seen the functionality of this great feature nature has blessed us, let's see how we are using it. Due to awareness we understand we are alive and know we will die one day. When we were a small child, when we witnessed someone died we were curious to know why they are not moving and asked our elders. They could not explain the truth and said 'they have gone to God'. We later understood what is death is all about.

Everyone has a fear of death as we don't know where we will be after it happens. Although we know we cannot escape from death still we want to try somehow. The historians say 200 million years ago there was no 'Economy' as homo Sapiens lived in the forest along with animals. Later in the name of Civilization once we found 'Money', everyone felt if we have enough money we can escape from death and started aggrandizing wealth like a mad Ghose. 

Since we have nothing else to do in life on one side and the fear of death is gripping us on the other, we are chasing wealth thinking that is all we have. That is the folly of mankind. Do you think this would be only purpose of creator who blessed us with Awareness. If not what else would be his Leela? Let us wait few more lessons before I can answer this question.

Jai Gurudev

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Personality Development - Lesson: 13

Be Aware of Your Self-Awareness

"The need to prove 'Who you are' will vanish once you know 'Who you are?"

-- Danielle Pierre

We saw the various layers of our personality so far and now we will learn about 'Self-Awareness'. Among the various forms of matters, minerals don't have life which has a definite time span of birth, growth, decay & death. Plants and animals have life and hence there is a time period of existence for them; but they don't have any idea that they are alive and have a definite life span as we do. This is strange but true as they don't have intellect as we have by which we recognize many aspects of life.

But human beings are aware that we are alive and will live for a definite period of time and die. This consciousness by which we are aware of it is called 'Self-Awareness'. Normal human beings in their waking state are aware of what is happening around them as well as in their mind. This faculty is the result of the instrument called "Intellect" which is referred as '5th sense".

This self awareness is not blessed with animals and that is the reason they don't have past and future as we do. They live in the present and moment by moment. Since they don't have past & future, worrying is not possible. They don't need a refrigerator for storing food or safe for hiding black money!.

You know one thing? They are less susceptible for BP & Diabetics as we do since they have no concept of 'Worry' as it is a function of past & future. Self awareness is a 'Virtue' or 'Vice' depending up on how we use it. I will cover its power & application in the next lesson. 

Jai Gurudev
Love NC