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This blog is an effort to share all the mistakes committed by me in my Life. I wish to share them with a hope that you may learn from my mistake and avoid committing them all over again!

I am blending my wisdom with that of all great Masters who have shown me the Light.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thoughts on Philosophy - Wish & Actuality

J.Krishnamurthy said:

"There are two kinds of experience, that of 'Wish' and that of 'Actuality'. But to experience the 'actual', the real, the experience of 'wish' must cease".

Very complex for a common man to understand and that is what JK is all about! JK refers our desires for sense gratification as 'Wishes" and the experience of divine through God realization as "Actual". Lord Buddha said "Desire is the root cause of all misery" which JK says in a different words. These ideas don't appeal to a common man who is immersed in pursuit of indulgence and believes 'Material prosperity alone can make him happy'. Day and night he is chasing wealth and one day disappears instantly empty handed without getting happiness even for a moment!

The wish (desire) is the game of the 'Ego' which is the most abused english word grossly misunderstood. Ego really means a sense on "I - ness" due to which we say 'I want to have a car', 'I want to be happy' and so on. The concept of ' I ' is stemming from our belief that we are nothing but the individual comprising of this physical body, subtle mind & intellect. This concept of 'I' was not there when were a toddler but came later when we grew up as an adult. This sense of identity is called the "Ego". When we say some one as a "Egoistic person" we really mean he is proud of his body or his knowledge which is limiting him to those entity. The 'Wish or desire' referred by JK and Buddha can exist only when our identification comes from the 'Body, Mind & Intellect' which will perish one day when we die.

In reality we are 'Not' this perishable equipments which has definite shelf life, but are truly the "Brahman" - the life force that resides in us and animates our being; someone may call it a 'soul' of 'Jeevatma' or any other. Name is immaterial but recognizing it is very important. The feeling of 'I' separates us from the 'Brahman' the divine that is residing in us as 'soul'. In fact we are that Brahman and not the limited 'I' which is a delusion. "Aham Brahmashmi' means 'I am that Brahman'. Merely chanting this does not make you to realize that'. Meditating upon Brahman helps you to realize you are 'God in human form. When we meet someone why we close our eyes and say 'Namaskar' is bowing in front of the divine in that person.🏾 

The concept of God as someone sitting in heaven and taking account of all that we do and saying 'we are God fearing' etc are nonsense. Searching for Him outside while He is right within us is like loosing valuable in the house and searching for it in the street because there is light there. Recognizing God within us is called 'God realization'. God is not anywhere else in heaven, he is right there in your bosom. 

What JK is saying 'as long as wish - desire is there you can't realize the 'actual' which is Brahman'. This means your Ego has to be banished to join with almighty. 'Heh Mudatma you are not this limited ego self but all pervading divine 'Self'. Relinquish your 'wishes' and do your karma without any attachment then you will merge with the divine essence and escape from this births & deaths which is full of misery. 
Jai Gurudev 
Love NC