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Monday, October 19, 2009

Book Review - What got you here, wont get you there

At the beginning our career as budding youngsters fresh from the college, we all focused on acquiring enough technical skills to progress in the ladder of the corporate career. At the middle age, many of us were entrusted the responsibility of managing people which needed people management skills. Few got lost in this transition and failed to prove their worth to demonstrate people management ability. Still few have managed to grow in spite of their inability to manage people as they were star performers and created a heavy dependency for them in the organization with the result their bosses had limited choice to replace them.
These hard nosed individuals often have very poor peer and subordinate relationship and some point in time become a big impediment for the growth of the organization. At this stage, even the 360 degree evaluation has no effect on these individuals. They also don't realize that they cannot reach the CEO position as they have reached their level of incompetencies in the people management department. The CEO's are afraid of counselling them for the fear of loosing their support. What is the way out to redeem these guys?
The CEO coaching has become a means of re-directing these individuals as they become great addition to any organization once they mend their beheviour towards to people relationship. I happened to read an article written by Marshall Goldsmith on this topic and read his popular book "What got you here wont get you there".
In this book Marshall deals with all the beheviours of CEOs which puts off the people and affect the morale of the organization. Marshall deals with several cases where he played an active role in mending many senior level people who belong to the category I described above.
He has covered 21 habits most us have which needs to be challenged to become an effective leader.
The book is published by Hyperion. I recommend this book for all those who are managing people.

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  1. Yes, nowadays unlearning is also important as learning.

    Based on what we had done in the past, we are now here and based on what we are doing now, we will be there in future.


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