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Friday, January 22, 2016

Parenting - Love builds your child's persona

In psychology they discovered that the strongest emotions of human being is "The people need me" - the act of needing attention. Many people commit suicide when they feel they are not needed.
When I was nine years old fell sick due to typhoid and was indisposed for while. I remember the attention extended to me by my parents which is memorable even today. They got me everything I asked for including the 'bun' from the nearest bakery everyday! Looks funny now but their love made all the difference in my persona. Parental love acts as manure for building the persona of the child.
I also remember till I refused, my mother used to apply oil and bathe me every Saturday which was the custom in the South India. The kind of love what father extends is far different from the mother. My father used to insist that I must be carried all the time by our servant even when I was a boy of 7 years old.
My son once got hurt while playing and kept in hospital for observation. On the day of discharge I asked him what he wants and he said 'I want a Ferrari car'. It was a holiday and all shops were closed. Me and my wife made one of the shop keeper to open his shop and bought the Ferrari car toy for him. My son Naveen even today mentions this act of his parents fondly.
Me and my wife used to squeeze in the Jawa motor cycle with my daughter on the fuel tank and son in my wife's lap and take them wherever we go. There can be no week end entertainment without them.
Why we are discussing these in the context of parenting. What is small and insignificant for you as grown up adults will be very big for your child. When the child is small, the parents are young and have many unfulfilled passion and desires. Due to their priority they ignore the little needs of their baby without knowing the implications.
Lack of parental love leads to militancy which is evident from the punks and indifferent youths in the West. All those who are rebels to social arrangement are the kids who were denied parental love.
Hence if you wish to have a mentally & physically healthy child, then they are your first priority. Today my children are with me in business as well as in life which is the result of our unadulterated love we have shown towards them.
In summary, your love builds your child's persona and if you don't have time for that please get ready to negotiate a rebel soon.
With whole of my heart NC

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