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This blog is an effort to share all the mistakes committed by me in my Life. I wish to share them with a hope that you may learn from my mistake and avoid committing them all over again!

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Parenting - Ritual & Superstition

People got angry when Rajneesh said, 'Parent destroy their children'. He does not mean that the parents are conspiring to destroy their loved ones but they do unconsciously. Let's examine how?
Children have born with innumerable possibilities to blossom if we don't force them into a conforming & stereo typed human beings as our parents brought us up. What are those conformance and why they destroy our children's personality is what I wish to cover:
Rituals are the practices we follow without knowing 'Why we are doing'. This is due to the fact they were taught by our parents 'How to do them without reasoning why to do?' We can't blame the parents because they themselves don't know 'Why' part of the rituals. For example if I am a Brahmin, I have to wear the sacred thread. I went through this ceremony when I was a young boy and till date I don't know why I must wear the thread. This kind of rituals are many in each religion although I cited an example.
When we force our children on these rituals upon which they are curious about knowing why, they become a dumb children loosing their ability to think. In many religion this conditioning on ritual is done before 7 years of age because the child's rationale brain becomes stronger which will reduce the blind faith of the children. If you cannot make the a dumb child before 7 you lost the opportunities once and for ever!
Like rituals superstitions are blind beliefs like 'cat crossing is a bad omen' which are passed on to children which destroys their self confidence and unnecessarily intimidates them from growing intellectually. Parents unconsciously pass on this stupid beliefs to their children there by put them under undue pressure while negotiating their life.
1. Please in the name of religion don't condition your children with the blind belief you learned from your parents. This shatters their originality and puts them as conforming human being who has limited possibility.

2. Whatever superstition you picked up from your parents , don't pass it on to to your children. If you do then with the reasoning. Remember not to invent a reason for the sake of making your child to your belief. 

3. Teach your children only 'Principles' that govern this universe which will strengthen your children to become a noble human being. Principles are laws and facts that decide the outcome of our actions. I will cover some principles from next few posts for your reference.
Wish you a great Parenting experience with a lovely children.

With whole of my heart

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