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Sunday, May 10, 2015

How to make Marriage work? - What is marriage?

What is Marriage?

It is a million dollar question to find an answer for. Among the various aspects of life this is yet another enigma mankind yet to understand why the society brought a system called marriage. One of the great thinkers has said "If the society would have accepted prostitution or free sex like animals without stigma, the system of marriage would not have come into existence. One of the predominant motives of mankind for choosing marriage appears to be sex & security which acts as a 'bait' and sets the misery for ever. My mother was married at the age of 9 when she did not know what is happening to her life! She belongs to the era of child marriage and delivered 14 babies from the age of 13 till 45 and I happened to be the last guy!  

I guess the system of marriage is stemming from the principle of "Monogamy" (having one spouse at a time), which has a root in the human emotion called Jealousy - as we want to be possessive. The 'so called' civilized modern society lost its faith on 'Monogamy' (or bored with sameness) and embraced "Switchers", "Polygamy" which is a 'Taboo' for many who are from the old school of thoughts.  

Marriage has the highest jokes and negative connotation than any other aspect of Life. All human beings get into this inevitable trap and keep complaining for ever. The younger generations see their seniors suffering but still they get into this mess themselves like a monkey putting its hand into the jar of narrow neck containing nuts; Holding the nuts forms a fist which cannot come out unless the monkey is prudent enough to drop the nuts. I heard that the tribes catch monkey by this 'open jar' technique.

Negativity apart, in the Indian context marriage is considered to be a "Union of two souls" and has different meaning at different stages of life. In early days it is predominantly union of 'Body' , in the middle ages it is the union of 'Emotions' and old age it is the union of 'souls'. Gradually it moves from living from one self to living for the other. 

The number of broken marriages is increasing in this country due to many reasons which will be my main topic of this blog series. I will share my thoughts on why the differences are widening till it reaches a boiling point and how we can make this precious relationship work. Please wait for these tips for "How to make marriage work?" which will follow.
Wishing you happy Life