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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Personality Development - Lesson:7

Know your Mind

In the previous lessons we saw the functionality of human body which is like the hardware of a computer which has 5 input and 5 output devices. The input devices are our 5 senses which help us to perceive the external World and 5 output devices with which we act in the World. If these ten organs are 'Hardwares', then where is the software that processes the stimuli that reaches your brain? 

Akin to the operating system of a computer there is a functionality bestowed to human which is called the 'Mind'. We can't search the location of the mind like we can't ask the computer designer to show the OS (Operating system) as this is intangible ie 'Subtle' in the Vedic parlance which means it can't be cognized with 5 senses. 

Like the OS takes decision on computer inputs, the mind take decision on stimulus sent through the senses. For example if you see a 'Jangri' (A funny sweet very famous in India) your senses send the signal to mind and it says go and grab it although you are diabetic.

We will learn more about mind later. For the time being please note it is an 'Instrument' like your hand or feet. We will see its functionality and limitations in the next lesson.

Enough for the day.
Jai Gurudev.