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I love exploring new avenues with "passion for impossible" which were not treaded by others so far. Not bound by any race or country or religion for me to associate with and contribute in their life. Regular blogger sharing my folly as "wisdom" for others. Please visit my blog http://www.ncnarayanan.blogspot.com to learn the moment of truth I faced in my life that made me wiser to handle this complex phenomena called "LIFE" 

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Dear friend,
This blog is an effort to share all the mistakes committed by me in my Life. I wish to share them with a hope that you may learn from my mistake and avoid committing them all over again!

I am blending my wisdom with that of all great Masters who have shown me the Light.

This blog is dedicated to everyone from whom I learned. Wish you peaceful life ahead.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Thought on 'Reality'

In philosophy and science both it is said that "Space & time exists only in our inner experience and not in reality". Whatever we cognize, it is the projection in our brain - the chemical and atomic reaction in our cells. This is the only way we can visualize anything in the World. What we cognize we conclude it is real.

When we are dreaming about a snake chasing, the feelings and bodily reactions are the same as real although nothing is real. But for the dreamer it is real in that moment till he wakes to consciousness.

For a colour blinded people, Green colour does not exist - does that mean Green colour is not there in the spectrum?

In essence 'Reality' is subtle and beyond human comprehension. We are like cockroaches who are not designed to understand all secrets of this creation and the creator. Thinking 'I know it all' is a stupid way of living and looking inward to search for the 'Reality' is the only way for Salvation.

With whole of my heart