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Monday, December 28, 2015

Parenting - 'Grooming an Idiot'

One of the greatest philosopher and scientist of this century Albert Einstein said "I fear the day that technology will surpass human interactions. The World will have generation of Idiots." I feel it has already happened right now !
Let's look at what way 'human interaction & creating idiots' have any correlation. In the era I was born and brought up we had no gadgets to interact with such as TV, PC, cell phone, IPad etc. Today the baby is born with a cell phone!! These are technologies made many companies to make huge money and transformed the way any human being thinks and reacts. Today virtually there is no interaction between human beings as we are always hooked on to these gadgets. Human interaction provides knowledge & wisdom where as gadgets give information.
For example I am sitting in a mall where I came for entertaining my grand children but busy in writing this post while they are enjoying ice cream.
Why Einstein says 'Technology creates a generation of stupid'. 
These media has given plenty of 'Information' and not 'Knowledge or wisdom'. For example if you want to know what is the latest Galaxy NASA has found and how far away it is, all that you have to do is 'Google' for ten minutes. Is this knowledge? No. It is 'Information' which any dumb idiot can get and talk intelligently in a party.

Today every parents wants to provide all these dumb gadgets to their child through which they know 'everything'. The parents feel they are wise as they think their child is learning. Alas! In fact it is like giving a knife to a child.
When everything is known & experienced too early in age, there is nothing to look forward to due to which 'boredom' sets in which is the starting point of 'Insanity'. 90% of children in US less than 8 years are believed to be bored & depressed.
It is predicted that this trend will lead to 50% of people in this planet will commit suicide in less than 100 years. When Japan has grown in wealth, the suicide of children increased phenomenally. When nothing new in life to be known, it leads to deep depression.
This is the reason nature kept many things in secret. For example sex which needs to be experienced only at certain age when the person is matured. If it is too early the novelty and curiosity is lost.
Hope this explains how we create 'Dumb' children through technology. If you really want your child to be wise like Einstein, please don't allow him to use all gadgets too early. Encourage interaction in family in which they learn. You know children grown in joint family with grand parents were centred in Values & principles which is the true wisdom. This can not be obtained in cell phones and video games.
With whole of my heart

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