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This blog is an effort to share all the mistakes committed by me in my Life. I wish to share them with a hope that you may learn from my mistake and avoid committing them all over again!

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Is God there? - He created us or we created Him?

This quest is there ever since nature created a thinking gadget called 'Human' since animals & plant cannot ask this question.
Someone in the US asked Swami Vivekananda the same question. He asked that person 'Why the wrist watch you are wearing has two hands moving at different pace?' The person replied, 'The person designed it that way'.
Vivekananda said, 'If you believe that a gadget like a watch has a designer, how can there be no designer for a mammoth universe we perceive?'
I am neither an atheist nor a theist but I am a 'naturalist' similar to J.Krishnamurti, if you agree for a definition like that? I think to connect dots using my sixth sense and make sense out of 'non-sense'.
Here is an anecdote for your rationale which was shared by my friend Vijay Venkatesh about a bull visiting a shop daily to worship a Shiva idol kept in the shop. Here is my commentary on this event:
This is unbelievable for a common man as he will think the bull comes in search of grass. Animals recognise divine presence much better than human as our stupid rationale robbed our innocence.
Few people learned to sleep with hundreds of poisonous snakes which never hurts them as they sense the soul in them and knows they will never hurt them. Animals never hurt someone who has no fear and love them deeply.
Alas! We are worse than this bull. One of my friends in FB gets upset when I say human are worse than animals. If we are evolved better than animal, our behaviour should prove that. What have we done to become human or born in affluent family or with fair complexion? How can we be proud of something we have not earned out of our efforts?
Thinking is the only virtue nature provided to us to redeem ourselves from the doom the mankind is taking us to. Today 40% of the GDP of World's income is spent in finding ways of destroying mankind from this planet in which a fraction can eliminate hunger from the face of this earth.
Sadguru repeatedly says in Tamil 'Atthanaikum asaipadu' which means "Desire for everything". Somebody asked him, 'Swami Ji, you are preaching for desire for everything when Buddha said desire is the root cause of misery!'
Sadguru replied 'When I said desire for everything, I did not mean aggrandising material as you do; I only meant Love everything outside you as God resides in everything including you."
This is the essence of 'God principle' preached in tons of scriptures. Don't try to search for God in temples and religious rituals as he is not there because He is hiding in a place which you will never search! That is your bosom.
Our stupid mind is always crooked to find holes in everything like finding reasons why the bull comes inside the shop? Be innocent like a child and that is all there to do in this brief period called life.

Jai Gurudev
With whole of my heart

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