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This blog is an effort to share all the mistakes committed by me in my Life. I wish to share them with a hope that you may learn from my mistake and avoid committing them all over again!

I am blending my wisdom with that of all great Masters who have shown me the Light.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Parenting - Learn from birds

This time when I was in Muscat my driver told me a story from Quran:
The bird which constructs its nest in the holes of the walls in the well, likes to protect its little ones falling down in the water and getting drowned till they could fly.
Till the chicks are small the mother bird flies 25 times a day to fetch food for them. But when the chicks have their wings grown sufficiently to fly, it deliberately flies 100 times to show their little ones how to fly like its mother. In other words, it is not teaching by words but 'walking the talk'. This means living by example, It encourages the little one to fly as they are ready to take off.
One fine day, the little ones take off not to return again back to their home and the mother never mourns about it but goes on with its life as its job is done. "Expecting return from your children makes the relationship a business". Never ever do that. This is the main reason the relationship between parents & child which started sweet when the little ones born, becomes sour when they grow.
From this anecdote It is evident from the nature of the beings, the children wants to follow the parents in every step of the way. "Yatha raja thatha praja" in Sanskrit means "As the King will be the people".
If you want your children to be noble, be a noble person. If you want your children to be compassionate, be a compassionate person. If you want your children to be selfless towards you, be selfless towards them first.
If you are a freak and unjust, don't expect your children to be a Buddha.

With whole of my heart

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