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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Teen Ager Tantrum - ABC Syndrome

Parents have a hell of a time while negotiating the transition of their off-springs during their 'teen ages'. Some times it is a nightmare for them worrying that their child will become a freak. Rajneesh once said, "If your child suddenly says 'No' to your instruction, please check out their birthday and you will find that they are 'teen'. That is the 'Moment of truth' for the child and the parents knowing each other - 'Parents realize they don't have power on their children' and child recognizes that they can snatch the power from parents which they enjoyed since their birth". 

Psychology recognized a pattern in the teen agers and expressed as 'ABC syndrome'.

'A' - Antecedent (A paradigm developed by the teen agers over their childhood)
'B' - Behavior manifested when they reach teen age.
'C' - Consequence which is not known to the teen ager.
A - Antecedent means an attitude formed during childhood. Due to this attitude the teen ager wishes to rebel against the society at large. The paradigm comes from "I am ok and You are not ok" state.

B - Behavior - This attitude leads to a negative behavior (B) challenging everything in particular to parents. The teenager looks like a rebel in the society.

C - Consequence - Knowing the consequence human behavior is moderated, like we know if we injure someone we will be behind bars. The teen ager has no idea of his Consequences of his behavior and hence not bothered. When consequence is not known the behavior is unbridled. 

What do we do as Parents? Be tolerant to handle any teenagers if you have or learn to deal with them when you will have one in the near future. Soon I will write about the root causes of ABC and how parenting can minimize its effects.
With whole of my heart